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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Not an Adaka Palm, but one I fell in love with off the coast of South Carolina.

As most of you know I detest using paper or Styrofoam plates and for years have kept a supply of off-white dishes stashed away for large gatherings… but every once in awhile we all break our rules and yes I have been known to use recycled paper products, but now I’ve found something even better… Palm Plates.

When I saw that Marx Foods was offering a free sample I jumped at the chance to try them out and do a review as I love new kitchen products especially natural and eco-friendly ones. And of course being a lover of palm trees, tropical locals and anything to do with the beach… I jumped at the chance. Not since I saw my nephew carve a totem pole from one of the old palms from our grandfathers property have I seen such a wonderful product made from palm…

We loved them here at the Black house; I rushed to open the box when it arrived and we all stood around oohing and ahhing at the way they looked and even felt. To be honest they were so pretty that I did not want to use them and throw them away! But we did.

First I served lunch on them, nothing fancy. Homemade chicken salad sandwiches and potato salad, then after supper we tried out hot Peach Cobbler on them… finally today I gave them a real work out and allowed my two granddaughters to use them as finger-paint palettes.

No cracking, breaking apart or sagging occurred even after several hours of sitting with paint in them they still are holding up although the middle is getting a little soggy where it is wet… what a wonderful product, one I hope you all try out and recommend to friends.

Made from the leaves of the Adaka palm tree, they are not only eco friendly but elegant as well.
The leaves are gathered as they naturally fall from the trees and never pulled or cut. After they are gathered they are washed and then allowed to air dry and then stretched, flattened and cut into various size plates.
No harsh chemicals, dyes or toxic anything is used it the processing of these plates, just water, turmeric, the sun and air. How much greener could you get?

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