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Monday, June 14, 2010


Sometimes I get bored, even in the kitchen and that is why I love to collect cookbooks and watch cooking shows. I have become a huge fan of Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa and have great success with every recipe of hers I have tried.

Recently I decided to try a dish that I have heard about on the many cooking shows from The Food Network and that is Polenta. Even though we eat ground corn (grits) here in the South I just could not fathom eating cooked cornmeal unless it was in cornbread but I jumped in with both feet and tried it.

I served a Polenta that contained both herbs and cheese along side it a Pot Roast with Italian herbs and a wonderful tomato sauce. I didn’t know if my family would eat it, but they did and even agreed they’d eat it again …

Another new recipe I found is from a show called Everyday Exotic with Roger Mooking… I have just begun watching this show but I’m a fan already. His Chili with Okra (yes you read this correctly) is a wonderful, hearty meal. My family loved it, even those who aren’t Okra fans. You can read about Roger and his wonderful style of cooking here at

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