Family, friends and good food are the foundations of our lives. We celebrate with them, mourn with them and nothing can bring us comfort more than a steaming bowl of soup or a slice of chocolate cake except for the love of our family and friends...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Punting, Passing and Pickled Shrimp!

I can't remember the last time my husband of 33 years asked me to make a special meal. He has always been content to eat what was before him regardless of how it looked or tasted; even the 10 alarm Chili I made decades ago.

But recently he decided to stay home one more night (yep he travels) and then told me he was going to watch The Super Bowl and maybe we could have junk for supper. Now junk suppers around here can be anything but they normally consist of finger foods or nibbles such as wings, sliders, etc.

Here I was thinking he was really missing me when what he was really missing or was afraid of missing was a dang football game and some good grub...

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